About Before I Sleep Travel

Who Is Before I Sleep Travel?

Hi! I’m Ana Lucia Bustamante, a 21-year-old public relations/advertising student who loves to travel. I’m originally from sunny San Diego but study in Chicago.

I’m a follower of all things entertainment, especially movies. A few years ago I thought I would study cinematography and become the next Emmanuel Lubezki. Which reminds me… I’m of Mexican descent and speak Spanish.

I’m lucky to have grown up with a family who loves to travel, which is how the idea of Before I Sleep Travel came about. I’ve traveled to some unforgettable places (33 countries so far).

Part of me created this site to practice my writing, SEO and Google Analytics skills. Building this website has taught how to write better, manage social media, gain organic followers, and encourage interaction. Never has earned media been so important for businesses to thrive, so I believe having a well-rounded set of skills is crucial to be in the public relations field.

When I’m not traveling, I enjoy learning about ways new media is becoming an integral part of the way we communicate. I’m passionate about working closely with non-profit organizations by enhancing their events and raising awareness to their missions.

Why Travel?

The distinctive smell of spicy street food in Thailand while you shop the local markets. The charming pubs and landscapes in Ireland that make anyone who visits feel like they’re in a movie. The hardworking Mexican artisans that sell intricate and colorful items to support their families. Each place I’ve visited is so rich in culture and history, I wish everyone had a chance to see for themselves. So follow me along and see what great place is next!

If you’re planning a trip to somewhere I’ve been, then check out my #bistips for advice and suggestions on the destination. Even if you’re not visiting a place soon, follow along to see and learn a little about these places. Before I Sleep Travel has allowed me to connect with other travel lovers to share our tips and experiences with each other. Join our conversation!

I hope this gives you a better idea of who I am and why I’m here. If you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below. Leave a comment down below letting me know where you’re from too… I’d love to know

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